IM BACK XD YAY and heres my new banner next to my old enjoy x3. ill be streaming again at the same time that i did before cant wait to see you all again X3

Happy Holidays x3 <3

Happy Holidays guys i love you all and in sorry i haven’t been around for a long while.


hopefully once the holiday stuff finally slows down i can get back to all this. and i think i might get Saturdays back soon so the streams will be back (Mondays and Tuesdays are a bit to hectic for them sadly )X ) miss you guys <3  i cant wait to get back to making awesome art fro you guys see you soon <3.



So I updated my commission page. :D

How to:

If you’d like a commission please contact me via text submission on my mod blog here or through a note on dA at lilliesinthegarden. Otherwise, contact me through skype. My skype is Emberbell.

As long as you’re not getting a blind bag, please do not send payment in advance. I take payment after I’ve finished the picture and you’re satisfied with it.

I will draw nsfw, but only if I think I can, and under the note that I ask you not to post the picture on tumblr or otherwise, but only share it with the people included in the picture.

Unless you ask me not to, I will sometimes stream commissions. 

The more details you give me, the better I can complete your commission. :D I love details.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me here or on skype.

And as for blind bags, I’ll only have about 1 or 2 slots for those open at a time.

Reblogging this here, because I updated my examples and everything. :3 

Also, expect an update to be out tomorrow night if all goes well.~

I’ll Pick a Pony OC to Draw-


(( Haven’t celebrated reaching the 100 followers mark, due to me being busy elsewhere, so I thought I’d make it up to ya and treat ya’ll gorgeous peeps to something. Reblog this post with a link or a pic of the pony OC you’d like me to draw, and chances are if your OC catches my eye, you’ll have a shiny, transparent png of your character to display on your blog.

But you’ve got to be a watcher of mine! ))





BeefyKunoichi: Please take the time to call your local representative regarding this bill. Protect expression. Protect the internet.



(ooc) GUYS THIS JUST HAPPENED TO MY DASH. Yesterday I was was wondering what all this talk about the Internet bill was, and I thought it was small - BUT GUYS, TUMBLR STAFF IS NOW ASKING FOR OUR SUPPORT. SO…. I’M OFFICIALLY FREAKING OUT.

((Followers, you know what to do. Go, my legion!))

Do not ignore this. Do not scroll past. Take action.


they cant do it because the internet is a world wide thing used by many country’s. and also this is just a rumor. 

arttwister: stream is up come and join the fun x3

arttwister: stream is up come and join the fun x3

Sorry i haven’t posted any thing in ages 0__0

is summer has been nuts and sadly ive had to focus on other things and havent had any time to update and im really sorry for the wait. hopefully once things finally start to settle i can get back into this i kinda miss it. o and those of you who won the name the changeling dont worry i havent forgotten you i still have plans to put your OCs into the blog. any who i love you guys and i hope to see you all soon. <3 

hehe look what my Activity bar did XD 

hehe look what my Activity bar did XD 

Yes XD

Hehehe yeah I’ll probably find some time next week sence ill be at bronycon this weekend